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May 19 2019

Who do you become when you don't get your way?
The most spiritual question. Powerful. Can't say i am oblivious of the answer. Hurray!

May 17 2019

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May 16 2019

Jesus deliberately surrounded himself with people who were less than him, who were more negative than him, who did nothing to help him soar like an eagle, who offered him no path to self-improvement. Why? Because he loved them! Because he knew he had something to give them! Because he was living his life for their good, not his own! Some insist that if you surround yourself with negative people, you will fail to live the good life. And yet, it was by surrounding himself with negative people that Jesus Christ lived the best life.
— today's reflection by tim challies (what do YOU think?)
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aaand ....the take-away for today .....
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free session thursday
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Life is hard? Stick another candle in and file those two canine teeth down
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get ur own cookies 
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uhuh ... [yet .. john 7:24]

May 15 2019

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May 10 2019

tap into what's real

May 07 2019

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talkin' to The Boss
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hide and seek 
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haal het vlugzout
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